TOP 50 Hottest Pornstars In Pornhub 2023

TOP 50 Hottest Pornstars In Pornhub 2023: Best New Porn Stars

lets see the list of most famous pornstart in world wide

50 Best Porn Stars of 2023

Latest update: Oct 26, 2023

The porn industry is booming and many newest porn stars are appearing each year. This is a true Pornwood! No wonder! No matter who you’re at in the daytime β€” big boss, or just a pizza guy β€” at night you come home and seek some pleasant release of tension. With such a huge number of sexy gals that make your cock hard from the screen it’s easy to get lost in the search. So I’ve thought the selection of the best ones will be helpful here, agree?

List of the Best-Looking Pornstars

Who are the best pornstars in 2023

Thanks to coronavirus and quarantine, people had to stay home for most of 2021. That meant a lot of free time, and free time means watching porn. Naturally, this made a lot of pornstars insanely popular. You’re curious to see who the sexiest porn stars of 2022 are, right? Keep reading, and you’ll be the most informed perv out there!

1. Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades is a bona fide bombshell and loves everything about sex. There isn’t a single thing she won’t do to please her audience. She started with just lesbian scenes, but then she branched out to fucking dudes, blowjobs, anal, interracial, gang bangs, and bukkakes. Her sexual prowess can make any blow his load seconds into thrusting inside her. She lost her anal virginity in porno. She loves being double penetrated, but most of all, she loves a big cock. Her most striking features are her blue eyes and deliciously juicy ass. She’s all about pleasing her co-stars, so she makes sure to put her tongue to work giving blowjobs, rimjobs, and more. At the moment, she’s the best porn actress on this list.

Lana Rhoades

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2. Abella Danger

This chick’s got over 1000 scenes filmed, so you know she’s a slut. She was born in the US, but she’s got Ukrainian heritage. She’s an olive-skinned brunette who’s super kinky and as flexible as they come. You’d imagine she’s skinny and petite being 5’4” and 130 pounds, but this naughty bitch still has curves in all the right places. No hole’s off-limits with Abella, and no act too far. She’ll do girls and guys, dildos and wands, anything she can get her hands on. Ask anyone who’s seen her what her best features are, and they’ll tell you it’s her shapely round tits. She deserves a spot among the top porn stars of 2022.

Abella Danger

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3. Riley Reid

Riley’s been in the industry since 2011, and she’s not quitting any time soon. She keeps her petite body in tip-top shape to accommodate cocks of all sizes. Her body’s all-natural, and even though she’s got tiny titties, she rocks the look. She weighs just 108 pounds, and she’s crazy for cum. She’ll work hard for it, sucking, fucking, and begging you for your load. She even gives fun little live experiences for fans sometimes. Bet you’ve got your fingers crossed hoping you’ll run into her. After all, she’s one of the most popular porn stars.

Riley Reid

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4. Eva Elfie

Eva’s a young Siberian girl who weighs just 100 pounds, but her boobs will blow your mind. One of the best new porn stars, she loves taking risks like having sex in public places and on hikes, getting into naughty sexcapades with other girls, and choking on cock. She might seem like a sweet and pure little girl, but her mind is dirty, waiting for the next cock or pussy to come her way, so she can get back to doing what she does best: pleasing people with her body. She’s only been making porn for 2 years, but a slut as skilled as her won’t stop anytime soon.

Eva Elfie

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5. Mia Malkova

One of the hottest porn actresses, you could take a look at her dump-truck ass and you’d instantly know which pornstar she is. Mia puts a lot of work into staying in that gorgeous shape, and a good part of her cardio comes from creating steamy, hot sex tapes. She loves getting her pussy filled and loves it even more when men cum in her. Watching her porno is gonna teach you a lot of new positions, and blow your mind about all the different, obscure ways in which a girl can make a man come.

Mia Malkova

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6. Lena Paul

You thought D cups were huge? Lena Paul has DDD cups. Her boobs are giant, and her ass is tight. She started with camming and switched to porn quickly after. She loves to fly all over the sexual spectrum, playing both the dom and the sub. She’s had plenty of gang bangs, rough fucks, and passionate sex scenes, and she’ll eat pussy as enthusiastically as she sucks cock. She spends more time on her knees and back than she does standing up, and that’s how you know that she’s a certified whore. She’s one of the top pornstars in 2020.

Lena Paul

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7. Brandi Love

Got a thing for MILFs? Brandi’s 47 years old, but that’s not stopping her from starring in and producing porn. She started porn in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since then. She’s married, but that doesn’t stop her from sleeping around with all the men that strike her fancy. It ain’t cheating, she’s got an open marriage. Besides porn, she spends a lot of time working out, keeping her abs and ass on point for when she’s shooting her next video.

Brandi Love

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8. Emily Willis

Emily especially loves deepthroating and taking it in the ass, and she’s dirty enough that it doesn’t necessarily have to be in that order. She might look like a cutesy girl, but watch her videos, and you’ll realize she’s a whore with nothing but cock on her mind. She has B-cup tits and weighs only 110 pounds, so you’ll love her if you fantasize about petite babes. Emily’s a bit of a size queen, so don’t be surprised when you see her taking humongous cocks up every orifice she has.

Emily Willis

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9. Cory Chase

Cory Chase is every teenager’s dream come true. She’s the MILF mom your friend had, the reason you spent so much time hanging out at their house. Her blonde hair and DD cup boobs paired with her glasses and classy looks make her look like a teacher or sexy mom, and guys love that. Beneath the MILF mom’s exterior, she’s got a ripped body. Her defined 6 pack abs and biceps will surprise you, and it’ll make jacking off to her an even more mind-blowing experience.

Cory Chase

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10. Mini Diva

Mini Diva’s a mysterious chick who only started porn very recently. You’ll only see her up to the bottom half of her face, but maybe she’ll do a face reveal soon? She’s from Prague, and the only concrete details about her are she’s got C-cup boobs and weighs just 111 pounds. She’s a total slut for her boyfriend who she records her videos with, indulging in a little exhibitionism and a lot of fucking all three of her holes.

Mini Diva

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11. Nicole Aniston

Nicole’s tiny at just 5’3” and 135 pounds, but that’s not stopping her from using her pussy, ass, and mouth to make men all over the world blow their loads for her. This sexy whore loves getting bent over and her ass railed. She’s straight, but she doesn’t mind fucking her female co-stars on camera, so don’t think you’ll miss out on any hot lesbo action if you stick to watching her. Her D-cup tits are perfect for suffocating under, and when you’re close, you’ll love the way she takes control.

Nicole Aniston

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12. Leolulu

Leolulu’s one of the best new pornstars, but she’s become insanely popular even though she doesn’t show her face. Maybe it’s because of her ridiculously sexy body? She’s a French girl who loves working out, keeping her body toned, and fucking her boyfriend in all sorts of positions and places. She started making videos featuring other famous pornstars like Rae Lil Black and Mini Diva, so keep an eye out for those!


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13. Angela White

She’s one of the old guards in the porn industry, going strong after beginning in 2003. I know pervs like you think D cups are huge, but buddy, have you ever heard of GG cups? That’s how stupidly big Angela White’s boobs are. You could kill a man with those, and it’d be the happiest death he could have. She’s a pure slut, begging for cock and cum like a sex-starved nymphomaniac in her videos. She’s guaranteed to make you nuts.

Angela White

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14. Adriana Chechik

Adriana’s mouth is so skilled she can make a guy cum in just minutes without hands. That’s not to say she won’t offer up her ass and pussy though. No hole’s off-limit with this whore. She’s the kind of slut who wants tons of attention and reciprocates by giving you even more. She loves being on top, on her knees, and spreading her legs in general. Her passion for getting gangbanged and swallowing the cum of dozens of different men within minutes is unparalleled.

Adriana Chechik

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15. Autumn Falls

One of the newest porn stars, Autumn Falls has only been making porn for less than two years, but she’s already skyrocketing in popularity. She’s a Puerto Rican babe, so she’s got that Latino fire in her videos. Her breasts are on the huge side of the scale, with G-cup tits. Even with boobs that big, this slut is still tiny in stature. She’s just 5’2” and 125 pounds. You could pick her up and use her like a fuckdoll, and many guys do.

Autumn Falls

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16. Danika Mori

Dani started porn in 2012, and what started as solo masturbation videos is now intense fucking of all her holes, sometimes with multiple people. She’s an Italian chick who loves to get dicked down and a tiny one at that. She’s just 5’1”. You could pin her down, use her however you like, and she wouldn’t want to stop you. That’s just the kind of slut she is. She’s a submissive little bitch, who loves to please her viewership by really committing to her role as the slut.

Danika Mori

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17. Elsa Jean

Ever wanted to fuck a bimbo that looked like the real-life version of Elsa from Frozen? Elsa Jean’s the slut you want. Her pussy’s got lips that’ll grip your cock, and the way she looks back at the camera while she’s getting fucked doggy style will make you instantly cream yourself. She’s the queen of riding cocks, and her green eyes and blonde hair will have you falling in love as you cum buckets for her.

Elsa Jean

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18. Ava Addams

Ava Addams is one of those dream MILFs. She’s got those big DDD tits and a mouth that is out of this world. She loves to be in control of sexual situations, but the moment she runs into a confident man, she instantly becomes a submissive little whore who will get on her knees to suck on his balls and cock. She loves fucking her female co-workers too and is never shy to stick her tongue in some wet pussy.

Ava Addams

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19. Rae Lil Black

Got the hots for Asian babes? Rae Lil Black is right up your alley. This exotic slut is from Japan, and she’s a complete whore for a huge cock. She loves getting plowed in all positions, getting dominated, and being forced to deepthroat a cock until she’s choking on it. She doesn’t limit herself to one person at a time though. She’s into threesomes and even lesbian sex. One of her most recent videos has her getting railed with a strap-on.

Rae Lil Black

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20. Dani Daniels

Dani’s a chick who can’t resist getting freaky. She’s one of the thicker babes in the porn community, and her curves are irresistible to men. She oozes confidence and loves public sex. She’s not just into guys though. She loves sitting on other girls’ faces and eating them out. She’s an artist in porn, riding men to completion without getting tired, and finding creative ways to perform stripteases.

Dani Daniels

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21. Janice Griffith

Janice is one of the tiniest pornstars in the community. Weighing just 95 pounds at 5’2”, you could hold her in the air as you fuck her wet pussy. She started porn as soon as she turned 18, which was in 2013. With tons of tattoos, piercings, and moxie, this sexy slut was destined for stardom. Right now, she’s one of the most famous whores the porn industry has ever heard of. Guys love how eager she is to empty your balls of every cum drop they store and how she can play both submissive and dominant roles, sometimes in the same scene.

Janice Griffith

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22. Asa Akira

Asa Akira’s a Japanese American whore who loves everything about the porn scene. She’s down to do anything sex-related, often filming fetish and BDSM scenes. She even used to be a professional dominatrix, so whips and handcuffs aren’t anything new for her. She’s a connoisseur of cum, once tweeting about how she won’t quit porn until the hospital has to use a stomach pump to drain all the cum in her stomach!

Asa Akira

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23. Piper Perri

Everyone knows who Piper Perri is, at least from the memes. She’s the tiny white girl surrounded by several big black men. She’s just 4’9”, so the β€œtiny” part is emphasized. Soaking wet, she weighs just 82 pounds. Don’t think that means she can’t handle cock though. Even though she’s so small, she can fit just about anything up her tight pussy and ass. She plays both sides of the field, sucking cock and munching on clits. You’ll love to listen to the way she moans and screams when thick cocks penetrate her and bring her to orgasm.

Piper Perri

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24. Tori Black

Tori Black’s a girl so beautiful she could be a supermodel, but you’re glad she chose to be a pornstar instead. Her round ass and sweet tits will help drain your balls dry. She even did live cam shows, but nothing makes her happier than having cocks to play with. Show her one, and she’ll go right to work licking it all over, showing the magic she can work with her tongue and mouth before spreading her legs and begging you to fuck her senseless.

Tori Black

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25. Diamond Jackson

Are you more into dark chocolate? Diamond Jackson will be perfect for you. She’s half black and half native American, and she’s the kind of slut who always takes charge of the situation, grabbing a cock and not waiting to be told what to do with it. She loves getting her pussy licked, by both guys and girls. More than anything else, she loves getting her cunt rammed so hard she squirts from the pleasure, and she loves making sure everyone can see how much she loves it.

diamond jackson posing

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26. Lela Star

Lela Star’s a cute chick who started porn in 2006, and her stunning good looks and sluttiness quickly brought her to fame. Her luscious tits and ass are enough to get any guy rock hard, and the things she’ll do to you with her body will make you writhe and explode in pleasure. Her tongue can pleasure cocks as though it has a mind of its own. She’s even got blowjob lips to prove it.

Lela Star

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27. Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa is quickly becoming a hot name in porn. Born in Hungary, this naughty redhead speaks Russian and travels around the world getting fucked by different men and women, and putting it out so the rest of the world can see. Her peppy attitude and love for choking on cock and getting fucked prone bone, missionary, doggy, and more make her loved by her audience. Group sex isn’t a no-no for this slut, and neither is interracial sex.

Jia Lissa

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28. Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas is one of the taller pornstars, being 5’8”. She’s got over 600 scenes and is one of the most recognizable faces in modern porn. Her passion for getting raw by big dicks is unmatched, and she loves showing off for her fans, wearing the skimpiest clothes, if anything at all. She even claims that 80% of the time, her orgasms are real, none of that fake bullshit other porn stars pull.

Alexis Texas

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29. Skylar Vox

Skylar’s the E-girl slut you’ve always wanted to get nasty with. She’ll pull an ahegao face while swallowing your cum, beg for you to smack her ass when she’s humping you, and ask you to slap her face and call her a whore while she’s sucking your cock. That’s just the kind of stuff that turns her on. Even though she’s only been in porn for 2 years, she’s quickly rising to the top. Her DD tits and interest in both men and women helped.

Skylar Vox

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30. Kimmy Granger

Kimmy’s got the body of a tight teen even though she’s 25. Her tiny 5’1” frame and 99 pounds body weight means guys love her, and the way she takes big cocks is even more impressive. She loves a rough fuck, and getting choked and slapped only makes her even wetter.

Kimmy Granger

#31 Ryan Madison


If you can call anyone a filthy animal, that would be Ryan Madison. He’s not the most famous guy on the block but is among the best. His ape genes underwent a radical shift, and with a newly grown beard, Ryan fucks sluts as if his life depended on it.

If you must pick a single male pornstar, go with Ryan or Lee. One is the king of ass and Brazzers, while Madison will reach the speed of light during fucking. See his videos onΒ

#32 James Deen

James Deen

A 31-year-old porn actor James Deen is still a heartthrob for many ladies despite some major controversies in recent years. Slim with blue eyes and that guy-next-door look, along with a big old cock. Maybe too cute for the guys, but women love him!

When it comes to his performances, James is mostly known for rough sex or bondage. See more of James Deen atΒ

#33 Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Among pornstars in Hollywood movies, Ron Jeremy is king. He has appeared in dozens of different films over the decades, starting with the original β€œGhostbusters” in 1984. Jeremy is also famous for β€œDetroit Rock City” and β€œRonin” but continues to appear in comedies and horror flicks.

As for his fuck performance, he used to be good, but age did its thing. Didn’t Lady Gaga copy this scene for her music video? Yes, giving old folks a spot under the sunlight is an admirable thing to do. However, Ron deserved it. No matter what happened, this stud has a history of solid sex acts, hundreds of homes, and orgasms, many of them.

#34 Ricky Johnson

Ricky Johnson Pornstar

Ricky is the second most successful African American male pornstar in the world, at least when you combine the number of attracted views for the year. There’s no one thing or secret sauce that makes the world want him, but let’s throw the most obnoxious word in existence and say β€œpersonality”.

Also, unlike thousands of failed male performers, Ricky Johnson is as chill as ice and doesn’t moan louder than his partners. Everything else is a nice extra like a medium-sized cock or a height above 6 feet, which is a golden standard for dominant male actors.

#35 Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel

Any lady who likes jacked black guys probably already knows and loves Shane Diesel, known as Blackzilla. What’s even more impressive than his muscles? ThatΒ gigantic black cockΒ which leaves even seasoned pornstars taken aback.

Despite his intimidating member, he gets plenty of pussy, especially from cute white teens new to the porn industry. If stretching little sluts with a BBC excites you, check Shane Diesel. He’s not as β€œfamous” as even the #20 spot, but current events will always have more relevance than what happened twenty years ago.

#36 Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele Male Pornstar

You know him already, so what’s the point of introducing you to Lexington Steele? The most famous black male pornstar in the history of porn. It helps to have a giant dick, not to mention when he entered the porn business – the era when black guys weren’t as common as they are now.

Having these powers combined, Lexington Steele became famous quickly and remains one rich, cool guy who banged many dirty hoes. The steel price rise correlates with my excitement. It turns out my balls love a good video with Lexi, dude.

#37 Small Hands

Small Hands Male Pornstar

There’s no other male pornstar as unique or as different as Small Hands. But his impressive collection of tattoos is the main attraction for many. Mr. Hands often performs with Evil Angel, which was one of the main homes for him.

Okay, why is he named like that? Because for a grown man, Small Hands had just that… Tiny hands. In other words, this guy has smaller-than-average hands and you need to take notice. Waiting for a fisting video now. Although, that would be the same as watching a guy with a large dick fuck some tight pussy.

#38 Nacho Vidal

Nacho Vidal

Producer, director, writer, performer, and even camera operator, the Spanish pornstar Nacho Vidal is a man of many talents. In the industry since 1998, this 45-year-old male now runs his website and has a reputation for being rough and kinky. After all, he was a prodigy of Rocco Siffredi.

If you take a peek at his website, you’ll see a drove of hot European pornstars staring at him in various stunning scenes. He doesn’t pick and choose. Instead, Nacho bangs skinny, BBW, young, mature, black, and white babes with equal lust.

#39 Jessy Jones

Jessy Jones Male Pornstar

Don’t confuse Jessy with the American politician because these are different! Working in the adult industry since 2010, Jessy Jones was featured on Brazzers, HardX, and EvilAngel productions. He’s all-around a great male pornstar with age working in conjunction with him.

Born in 1986, I can see Jones trumping other and more experienced pornstars five years from now when their stamina runs out.

#40 Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn Male Pornstar

Chinese mother and Italian father have fucked one night and created a nationwide success, Tommy Gunn. Despite being in his 50s, Tommy continues to work withΒ Brazzers.comΒ and there are more than just a dozen scenes to choose from.

I remember watching all his porn videos in the late 2000s; those were the days. Tommy was on every adult movie cover. He still performs better than 99% of males out there.


#41Β Β Charles Dera

Charles Dera

You might not recognize Charles, but that’s because of his recent transformation. It is not even his final form! This male pornstar has shaved his beard and left mustaches only as of this year. He looks like one of the 80s or 90s studs that all women love.

#42 Mick Blue

Mick Blue Male Pornstar

We always appreciated Mick Blue, a rough-looking male pornstar that some 18-year-old females might not find attractive. That’s the point, my dudes. Not many want to see guys like James Deen; that also applies to me. So no sluts put him in the friend zone.

He is one of the best for fucking slut throats or other holes. Masculinity, manliness, and performance are Mick’s strong points.

#43 Regina Rizzi

Regina Rizzi Brazil

Among the greatestΒ Brazzers pornstarsΒ and Mofos fan favorites, Regina is a true South American pornstar. Her luscious breasts and thin untanned lines draw a perfect picture.

I can imagine her tanning on the beach with that gigantic Brazilian butt and thick hair. Waxed in the areas that matter, Regina Rizzi is a stunner of a performer. That’s why South American females are so adorable and wanted. There’s none of that fake feminism, looking like a hairy dude kind of toxic culture which is not what female rights are about.

#44 Juelz Ventura

Juelz Ventura Brazil Pornstar

Dominant pornstars move you on the inside way more than tiny cuties? Let Juelz manhandle and fuck you with a strap-on in the ass, I have no doubts that she could do that. But, if I’m honest, sometimes describing these pornstars feels all the same. They rarely have distinctive characteristics or what we call a hook.

Juelz Ventura is too in this pond with tattoos, nice tits, fake hair, etc. It’s the template that everyone loves.

#45 Alina Belle

Alina Belle Brazil Pornstar

Alina Belle is an absolute marvel and an incredibly hot Brazilian pornstar. We love all women, but those born in South America tend to occupy more space with their asses. It’s hard to picture Alina with natural breasts since even the porn hoarders haven’t seen her all-natural. In other words, she had a boob job before all this mess even started.

Now, meet the owner of one of the rounded asses. No matter if you get your dick wet from her butthole or pussy juice, there’s no turning back. So prepare to be seduced like an 18-year-old virgin geek.

#46 Blondie Fesser

Blondie Fesser Brazil Pornstar

The prettiest pornstar to ever come out of Argentina is Blondie Fesser, just don’t tell the president. Our list isn’t all exclusive to Brazil, and when it comes to representing South American women, this is our go-to pick.

#47 Abby Lee Brazil

Abby Lee Brazil

Belo Horizont is home to the lovely Abby Lee Brazil. This 28-year-old has made a name for herself in the US and worked with some of the top porn studios. Although busty and beautiful, Abby’s luscious ass always steals the show.

#48 Marilyn Mansion

Marilyn Mansion Brazil Pornstar

Twice as hot as the South American pornstars below, Marilyn did not surrender to the adult industry’s influence. Natural 32D breasts that are classified as big, trimmed outie pussy (always a sight to behold), and much more.

Born in 1998, so still very flexible and full of energy. The United States is the place of stay, but the ethnicity is Brazilian. Has sharp belly piercings that can rip your dick off. She knows how to pull the seductive eyes look.

#49 Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers Brazil Pornstar

Young, cute, and curly Brazilian blonde Jessie Rogers is our favorite pornstar from Brazil. The combination of a pretty face and an incredible ass is a perfect one. She even had a sweet pair of little tits before trading them in for a set of silicone ones.

Jessie’s work includes everything from slow or solo masturbation scenes to ass worship and rough interracial anal. However, dig deep enough and you will also find some nasty BDSM group sex with half a dozen guys.

#50 Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie

IfΒ Ariana GrandeΒ turns you on, then you’ll have lots of fun with herΒ pornstar lookalikeΒ and Texas native Ariana Marie. This natural Latina is gorgeous and has plenty of jaw-dropping scenes to fire you up.

She might have received an initial fame boost from her Grande looks, but the rest is even better. I could bet my house that she fucks better than anyone in Hollywood.

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