100 Easy Pumpkin Painted Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations

Get 100 Easy Pumpkin Painted Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations. You don't need to cut open your pumpkins to create something fabulous to decorate your home or front porch.You can easily found it from here.

100 Easy Pumpkin Painted Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations

pumpkins porch steps

These aren’t your classic carved jack-o’-lanterns. Check out our favorite painted pumpkin ideas featuring the cute and the creepy. Plus, get our best tips for creating Halloween pumpkin decorations and displays. Add color, texture, and creative and playful designs to your fall decor using paint, nail polish, and other products for a new twist on traditional pumpkin styles.

Geometric Painted Pumpkin

white pumpkin with painted stripes and colorblock circle

These neat and tidy ribbons of color are wonderfully at odds with the pumpkin’s irregular contours. We traced the circle with a bowl and used electrical tape to block out the stripes. The tape’s elasticity lends itself to working around curves.

Two-Toned Pumpkins

Four painted pumpkins on pedestal


Who says you have to use orange and black for your Halloween decorations? Instead, try this minimalistic yet eye-catching painted pumpkin idea with whatever colors you desire.

For the dipping technique:

  1. Put an inch of crafts paint in the bottom of a paper bowl, mixing in a little water so paint is fluid but not watery.
  2. Dip the gourd and gently rotate.
  3. Dry your first coat on a piece of waxed paper. When dry, repeat with another color to desired coverage.   
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Vibrant Cluster of Pumpkins

Cluster of Vibrant Pumpkins and Spiders


This painted pumpkin idea is a take on the traditional pumpkin that incorporates faux gourds with real stems. Use as many faux gourds as you want. Cover them in vibrant metallic paint. When they’re dry, replace the fake stems with real ones and arrange a few decorative spiders to add a spooky twist.

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Bubble Painted Pumpkin

painted white pumpkin with blue marbled effect

Bright colors and texture variations give a bubble-painted gourd a marbled effect. We used a white-painted paper-mache pumpkin so the delicate paint bubbles would stick.

  1. In paper bowls, stir together paint solutions of 4 tablespoons of paint, 4 tablespoons of water, and 2 tablespoons of dish soap.
  2. Use a straw to blow lots of bubbles in the solution and gently dip your pumpkin into the foam, working around the pumpkin and between bowls of various colors. (We recommend sticking to a limited palette like this range of blues.)
  3. Dry on waxed paper, then paint the stem or hot-glue on a natural stem.
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Sugar Skull Pumpkins

skull pumpkin decorations

Sugar skulls are known for their creative patterns, accented with bright colors. These Day of the Dead painted pumpkins are bold and striking. White skulls painted on black-painted pumpkins are a combination of spooky and fun. Choose bright accent colors to pop off of the black-and-white motif.

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Stained Glass Pumpkin

Stained Glass Pumpkin on Pedestal


Revisit your childhood with this tissue paper and Modge Podge pumpkin idea. Collect a few different colors of tissue paper and cut them into unique pieces. Next, swipe a little Modge Podge on your white-painted pumpkin, place the tissue paper, and seal it with another layer of Modge Podge.

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Rope Pumpkin


We gave a faux pumpkin an allover paint job with matte-finish crafts paint, then glued on the amoeba-like rope “lines” for texture. Lightly pencil on your squiggles, then apply the fabric cording bit by bit with a hot glue gun. To match the colors, dye a white cotton cord to match the paint color or mix the paint to approximate a colored cord or thick yarn.

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Easy Painted Pumpkin Idea 

Chinoiserie Pumpkins

blue painted pumpkins

Add an elegant touch to your Halloween with painted chinoiserie pumpkins. The elaborate floral designs are easy to create with a few simple brushstrokes and acrylic paint. Make a few coordinating blue and white designs.

Learn how to make three pretty no-carve Halloween pumpkins. We’ll show you how to decorate festive pumpkins using paint, tape, paper, and straws!
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Pour Paint Pumpkin

Pour Paint Pumpkin

This painted pumpkin idea is easy; you’ll have it done in minutes. Pour crafts paint onto a faux pumpkin and let it drip down the sides. That’s it! We show you how to create gorgeous pour-paint pumpkin designs in any color scheme you like.

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Splatter Paint Pumpkins

mini splatter painted pumpkins on splatter background

If you struggle to figure out what to paint on a pumpkin, this idea is fun and festive. Mix colorful paint with a few drops of water. Dip and flick paint brushes ($6, Michaels) to splatter gourds. For easier cleanup, place pumpkins in a big cardboard box before you tell your kids about Jackson Pollock. Let dry on waxed paper and, if desired, dip the bottom in a solid color.

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Chalk Paint Pumpkin

blue ombre pumpkins

Here’s a painted pumpkin idea that’s sure to scare! The key to the raised letters on this pumpkin painting idea is a script written in hot glue. After the glue is dry, paint your pumpkin in black paint. Next, apply the chalkboard paint with a dry brush from the bottom of the pumpkin. The dry brush technique gives the pumpkin a rustic look. What Halloween words will you spell out on your Halloween pumpkin decorations?

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Galaxy Pumpkin

Galaxy Pumpkin

Your Halloween pumpkin decorations are going to be out of this world. This painted pumpkin idea starts with a plain black coat. Sponge-brushed purple and blue hues bring the galaxy to mind. “Flicks” of white paint (made with the bristles of a toothbrush) are stars.

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Spray Painted Pumpkins

spray painted white pumpkins

Eye-popping ombre pumpkins star as a simple fall centerpiece. The key is to spray from above and move your arm in a fluid, circular motion, letting the paint drift down to lighter coverage. If necessary, add more color only on top. Make a mistake? Spray the pumpkin white and start again!

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Pattern Play Pumpkins

Pattern Play Pumpkins

This black-and-white painted pumpkin idea is bold and beautiful. To create, mix patterns and word art incorporating one or two colors. Use a paint pen ($6, The Home Depot) for fine details and clean lines. Invite friends over to create their own patterned Halloween pumpkins. Get them started by having the base layer painted and dried before the guests arrive.

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Disco Pumpkin

Disco Pumpkin

Squares of silver paint shine on this disco-inspired pumpkin. Add even more sparkle by using sheets of silver leaf. Painting the silver color in a grid pattern gives your Halloween pumpkin decoration the disco ball look. Place this creative pumpkin painting idea somewhere on your stoop that gets some fun lighting. Turn Halloween into disco night!

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Nail Polish Painted Pumpkins

Top view of marble painted pumpkins

Swirls of shiny nail polish are a great way to decorate pint-sized painted pumpkins. You don’t need to go out and buy any special supplies for these Halloween pumpkin decorations. Instead, sift through your beauty drawer. Painting pumpkins with nail polish creates beautiful marbleized designs.

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Sports Pumpkins

Sports Pumpkins

Are you a football family? Or maybe baseball is more your thing? Let your friends and neighbors know with these fun painted pumpkin ideas. Transform regular orange pumpkins into the ball for your favorite sport. Basketball fans will have the easiest paint job!

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Constellation Pumpkin

constellation painted pumpkin display

Don’t let the drill holes intimidate you; this painted galaxy pumpkin is easy to DIY. This Halloween pumpkin decoration starts with a coat of paint like all painted pumpkins. A technique involving flicking a paint-covered toothbrush creates stars. The lights on the inside of the pumpkin mean that this can be Halloween decor indoors or out.

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“Gather” Pumpkin

message painted white pumpkin fall decor

Is your home the holiday hot spot? Invite your guests with a painted fall pumpkin that welcomes them for a visit. This elegant invitation is perfect for fall. To make this farmhouse-painted pumpkin last longer, use a faux white pumpkin.

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Donut Painted Pumpkins

Donut Painted Pumpkins

This painted pumpkin idea is so sweet that you may want to take a bite! A ring of pastry-colored paint and some sprinkles of color make precious donut pumpkins. Maybe this year’s Halloween decorations will be dessert-themed? If white pumpkins are hard to find, just add a coat of white paint before your pastry pastels.

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Mood Ring Pumpkin

painted pumpkin blue accents

Who knew painted pumpkins could tell your mood? A coat of thermal paint (on top of a black coat) is the key to the changing hues. Then, after your pumpkin is painted and dry, have your family take turns creating Halloween “paintings” on the pumpkin with their body temperatures.

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Dracula Pumpkin

dracula pumpkin

This painted pumpkin idea is “spooktacular”! Spray-paint a pumpkin lime green. Craft card stock features and glue in place. We used black tape to create the hair and eyes.

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Candy Corn Pumpkins

candy-corn cone-shaped pumpkins

These spray-painted pumpkins look so sweet! Too big to pop in your mouth, these candy corn-inspired painted pumpkins still look good enough to eat. Choose cone-shaped pumpkins and spray paint with white and yellow to create these Halloween decorations.

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Ice Cream Pumpkins

pumpkins ice cream decoration

Painted pumpkins are just the start of this Halloween pumpkin craft. Colorful card stock (as sundae sprinkles) tops the painted pumpkin “ice cream” scoops. Ceramic (or plastic) ice cream cones can be found at dollar stores or crafts stores.

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Black and White Striped Pumpkin

halloween porch pumpkins

Take your Halloween pumpkin decorating inspiration from a Halloween classic: Beetlejuice! The natural lines of the pumpkin serve as guides for your paintbrush. Hope you have a steady hand! If Halloween pumpkin painting isn’t your forte, painter’s tape can help you get crisp lines.


Get 100 Easy Pumpkin Painted Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations

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Caterpillar Painted Pumpkins

Caterpillar Pumpkin

These cute pumpkins go to great lengths to form a caterpillar. Paint pumpkins melon green and paint their stems black. Decorate the body with adhesive-felt dots, and design the head with a pair of googly eyes and curled pipe cleaner antennae. Arrange the painted pumpkins in a creepy, crawling S shape.

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Princess Pumpkins

princess pumpkins

Painted pumpkins fit for a princess! If the goopy hands that result from carving pumpkins aren’t your style, maybe these princess Halloween pumpkin ideas are for you. Pastel pink will pop on your doorstep. Letter stencils allow each princess to customize a message to her subjects (or neighbors).

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Pineapple Pumpkin

pineapple pumpkin painted

Is pumpkin a fruit? There’s no debate about it, especially after this sweet makeover. To make this pumpkin-turned pineapple, spray-paint a pumpkin yellow and add accents using a black marker. Finish with purchased eye stickers and a glittery foam topper.

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Painted Owl Pumpkin

diy pumpkin decorating

Do you find owls cool or creepy? Either way, they’re perfect for Halloween pumpkin decorations. An owl on your doorstep adds a dramatic flair to the haunting holiday. Perfectly round eyes, comprised of even smaller patterns, are the key to a Halloween owl. Using a paint pen is the key to doing the designs by hand.

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House Number Pumpkin

House Number Painted Pumpkin

This painted pumpkin idea gives your home a touch of farmhouse Halloween decor. To make, use stencils to paint your house number on a plain white pumpkin. Display it with seasonal favorites like gourds and mums.

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People Stack Pumpkins

Pumpkins with Hair and Hats

Channel your inner illustrator! Pumpkins painted with fun faces are a stack of personalities. Yarn hair and flat caps add character to these Halloween pumpkin decorations. Use the accessories that match your family.

Editor’s Tip

A paint pen is often easier to navigate than a paintbrush.

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Miniature Bat Pumpkins

stenciled bats white pumpkins on hooks

Take miniature painted pumpkins to bewitching new heights with an aerial display:

  1. Paint bats on white pumpkins with black paint, or try using a black permanent marker.
  2. Cut a length of thick jute and knot one end to a large washer. Tie a loop in the other end.
  3. Punch holes in the top and bottom of the pumpkin, and use wire to pull the twine through the holes. (The washer supports the pumpkin’s weight, and the loop attaches to the shepherd’s hook.)
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Artistic Kid Pumpkins

Kids Pumpkin Creations

With a paintbrush in hand, your kid will become a little pumpkin Picasso. Put down a dropcloth or plastic table cover; this Halloween-painted pumpkin idea can get messy. Make sure that your kiddo has all their favorite colors on hand for creating. Who says that Halloween pumpkin paintings have to be orange and black?

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Easy Monster Pumpkins

Green pumpkins cauldron googly eyes

Use googly eyes and green paint to create a group of pumpkin monsters. Add smiles with a black paint pen. Group a trio of these gorgeous painted pumpkins in a black cauldron for easy Halloween decor.

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Fall Centerpiece Pumpkins

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

Place a white-painted pumpkin stenciled with a letter on a cake stand for a stunning centerpiece spelling out the season. Big, bold lettering will make the centerpiece the focal point of your dining room.

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Eyelash Painted Pumpkin

Halloween words eyelashes painted pumpkins

We see you! These painted pumpkins make decorative use of their Halloween message. The double-“o” is accented with a set of lashes to create inquisitive eyes. Letter stencils are available at most craft stores.

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Creepy Crow Pumpkin

Pumpkin Painted Crow

Choose any number of eerie shapes to paint on your Halloween pumpkin decorations: think crow, black cat, bat, witch, or spider. Apply a coat of varnish after the paint dries to protect the pumpkin from the elements. Tufts of garden moss help keep the pumpkin stable on its birdbath perch.

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Tiered Pastel Painted Pumpkins

Tiered Pastel Painted Pumpkins

Like any culinary confection, this tiered treat has all the right ingredients. For painted pumpkin ideas that are fit for royalty, select two pumpkins and a Cinderella squash that stack easily. “Ice” the painted pumpkins and squash in pretty pastel hues, embellish with lacy trims and adhesive gems, and stack for a precious painted pumpkin decoration.

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Friendly Halloween Cat Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Cats

Create a litter of kittens with painted pumpkins:

  1. Coat each pumpkin with matte-finish sealant to dull the waxy surface.
  2. To get the painted pumpkin faces, paint the pumpkins different colors, applying two or three coats of paint (let the paint dry between coats).
  3. Draw a nose, mouth, and whiskers on each pumpkin with a black felt-tip marker. For the eyes, draw eye-shape outlines and eyelashes using the marker. Paint the inside of the eyes white, let dry, then paint green irises outlined in black.
  4. Cut out ear shapes from craft foam and hot glue them in place.
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Cat and Mice Silhouette Pumpkins

Cat Mice Silhouettes Pumpkins

A game of cat and mouse is the theme of these pumpkin decorations. Download our free templates, then trace the cat onto a large pumpkin and the mice onto three smaller pumpkins. Fill in the outlines with black paint, or use a paint pen for a quick and easy alternative.

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Mad for Plaid Pumpkins

Plaid Painted Pumpkins

Go mad for plaid! Painted pumpkins get a rustic update when you use a plaid pattern for your design. Alternate overlapping thick and thin stripes in two colors to get the look. Painter’s tape can help get crisp lines. Make sure the paint is dry before you peel the tape off.

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Gold Painted Pumpkins

Gold Painted Pumpkins

Metallic-painted pumpkins are guaranteed to be eye-catching pumpkin decorations. Placed on a pedestal, this bold gold-painted pumpkin decoration is perfect for a fall tablescape. If you spray paint faux pumpkins instead of real ones, they can last until your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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Non-Traditional Colored Pumpkins

non traditional painted pumpkins

Don’t be limited to black and orange for your Halloween pumpkin decorations. Pick a color scheme that’s more your style. We went with blue and tan for a down-home country quality that’s homey and welcoming. Stripes, plaid, and buffalo check can all be done in any color you like.

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Fall Foliage Pumpkins

Fall Foliage Painted pumpkin

Try a leaf motif for easy Halloween-painted pumpkin ideas that can stay until Thanksgiving. Find different types of leaves, trace the shapes onto the pumpkin, and paint—fall leaf crafts don’t get easier! For even more unique decor, paint your leaves onto a pumpkin that isn’t orange. Gourds come in all hues. What colors go with your fall decorating this year?

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Indoor Decor Pumpkins

black white painted pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for the front step; bring your Halloween pumpkin decorations inside. Simple black adornments upgrade these from doorstep additions to indoor gourd decor. A steady hand and a paint pen make these simple designs easy to create.

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Sometimes you’ve gotta let the people know exactly who you are! To make that easier, a little branded pumpkin is such a cute idea. Using your initials or your fam’s last name are fun options too. Plus, if you don’t even feel like actually painting for this, you can order pre-made pumpkins!

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Plaid Pattern Pumpkin

craft patch blog

I love the whole “New England prep school in the Fall” vibe here. Plus, adding that pop of color on the stem just tops it off perfectly. A lovely little addition to your fall decor collection.

Get the tutorial from The Craft Patch.

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Abstract Pink Pumpkins

country peony

 Still dreaming about the Valentino pink wave from last year? This abstract design is hella eye-catching and will speak to all your pink dreams. Plus, the pre-mixed pouring paint makes this way easier to create than you’d expect.

Get the tutorial from Country Peony. 

magia mia


Spiderweb Pumpkin

Here’s a super festive design, and no actual insects are involved—just some black paint and white cords. Ain’t that a blessing?

Get the tutorial from Magia Mia.

design improvisedDesign Improvised


Dark Floral Decal Pumpkin

This look perfectly marries cutesy and spooky vibes. It kind of seems like it belongs on a Corpse Bride mood board.

Get the tutorial from Design Improvised.


100 Easy  Pumpkin Painted Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations

stone gableStone Gable glog


White Floral Patterned Pumpkin

No, forgoing a base coat is not lazy, it’s simply a creative choice! And look at how well it pays off here with these floral patterns, which you can achieve with just a white paint pen.

Get the tutorial from Stone Gable.

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pumpkin facesELVA ETIENNE


Spider Face Pumpkin

Sometimes you need a pair of watchful eyes around, and this spooky spider design is just threatening enough to put on your porch.

Get the tutorial from Family Handyman.



Zig Zag Pumpkin

Giving your pumpkin a geometric design can go a long way. Plus this one doesn’t require too much artistic skill, so there’s a plus!

Get the tutorial from Decoist.

dip dyesnjewelry


Dip Dye Metallic Pumpkin

Grab some metallic paint and lean into this two-toned gold and millennial pink concept! The results are super sophisticated, I not gonna lie.

Get the tutorial from Family Handyman.

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painted dotsSteve Giralt


Polka Dot Pumpkin

She’s simple as hell to make with just a few paint colors and circular stamps, and she’s an absolutely delightful tabletop decoration. She is the polka-dotted pumpkin.

paint dripProbuxtor


Drip Paint Pumpkin

The best part about this idea is that the less refined it is, the better. No stress if you don’t know your way with a paintbrush, bc you’re basically just dipping and dripping.

Get the tutorial from Family Handyman.

state decalBurcu Avsar


Hometown Pumpkin

This area-code design is a great way to show your hometown some subtle love (a state decal will also do the trick). If you are into this idea but don’t wanna pick up a state-shaped stencil, you can order pre-made state stickers for your pumpkin here, and then paint it your favorite color.

Get the tutorial from Country Living.

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hocus pocusKellie Miller


Movie Character Pumpkins

Give your favorite pop culture icons a wink with this idea. Halloween-y characters like the Sanderson sisters made with paint and paper seem like the obvious choice (somehow these look just like them?), but hey, go for whatever your heart desires.

Concept by Kellie Miller

sarah heartsSarah Hearts


Tropical Island Pumpkins

Yes, you can still harness summertime island girl vibes in the middle of autumn. This white stenciled monstera leaf and brightly colored design says that’s totally fine.

Get the tutorial from Sarah Hearts.

purely katiePurely Katie


NAutral Chalk Paint Pumpkins

Aesthetically pleasing pumpkins are within reach, ppl! Painting a whole bunch of mini ones with chalky finish craft paint and scattering them throughout your space creates such a cute fall vibe.

Get the tutorial from Purely Katie.

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the craft patchThe Craft Patch Blog


Gold Lettered Pumpkin

This shimmery pumpkin is just creepy enough. It comes together pretty easily too, with only a few materials like gold metallic and matte black paint!

Get the tutorial from The Craft Patch.

studio diyStudio Diy



There’s nothing more generous than providing all of your neighbors/visitors/onlooking pedestrians with a timely pun. “Creep it real.” Honestly? Too good.

Get the tutorial from Studio DIY.

lashesHadley Court


Lashed Up Pumpkin

So sassy. Feel free to take creative liberties with the eye makeup (smokey eye very much welcome) and glittery pumpkin stem.

Get the tutorial from Hadley Court.

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Festive Fall-Designed Pumpkin

To the girls who yearn all year for the crunchy fall leaves, this one is for you. You can make it happen with four shades of autumn paint colors, some leaf stencils, and a lot of commitment.

Get the tutorial from Plaid.



Pumpkin Tree

New rule: Trees shouldn’t be reserved for Christmas. I see no better way to usher in this trend than with this 3-tier pumpkin masterpiece. Just FYI this one’s for intermediate crafters.

Get the tutorial from Plaid.



Doodley Pumpkin

Embrace your inner child and feel free to go crazy with the crayons here. The more chaotic, the better.

Get the tutorial from Ooly.

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Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin

Glitter projects are, uh, a little bit messy, but way too exciting to pass up. Stock up on your sparkles and the possibilities are endless.

Get the tutorial from Ooly.

caroline gardnerCaroline Gardner


Leopard Print Pumpkin

The shiny gold detailing here gives this design such an extra pop of fun. It’s a great look to ensure your pumpkin is the opposite of basic.

Get the tutorial from Caroline Gardner.

by quinnBy Quinn


Monster Face Pumpkins

This concept allows you to fully commit to the spirit of Halloween. Try a collage of witches’ hats, Frankensteins, or black cats! Whatever suits your fancy.

Get the tutorial from By Quinn.

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donut pumpkinsStudio DIY


Donut Pumpkins

Donut even sit here and act like these don’t make you smile. You’re gonna need some focus to sketch the little rainbow sprinkles on, but it’ll be freakin’ adorable when it’s done.

Get the tutorial from Studio DIY.

eyeball pumpkinDream a Little Bigger


Eyeball Pumpkins

We love this ocular idea because it’s just the perfect amount of creepy, cute *and* super creative. It can’t hurt to always keep a pumpkin eye out for Selenur this Halloween szn.

Get the tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger

pumpkinStudio DIY


Pineapple Pumpkin

Yes, your Halloween can have chill island vibes. The sunglasses aren’t necessarily a requirement, but I’d recommend adding a pair purely for the comedy of it all.

Get the tutorial from Studio DIY

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galaxy pumpkinDream a Little Bigger


Galaxy Pumpkin

Who doesn’t love stargazing? Employ this pumpkin design if you want your decor to look…hold on…wait for it…out of this world. I’m not even going to apologize for the bad pun.

Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger.

crescent moon pumpkinMerrythought


Moon Pumpkin

This design is stunning as is, but if you want to get even more creative, you can make the spotlight image the moon phase of your choice. Totally understandable if you’d prefer to stick to that gorgeous crescent shape, though.

Get the tutorial at The Merrythought.

gold leaf pumpkinA Beautiful Mess


Gold Checkered Pumpkin

We like this one because it’s simple to create, but it’s also *just* flashy enough to look like significant effort was made. AKA, it’s the ideal last-minute space spruce-up idea.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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pumpkin camperColor Made Happy


Pumpkin Porch

This one’s cool because it allows you to get a bit meta. You’re basically painting a front porch—on a pumpkin that’ll probably sit out on your front porch. We call that entryway inception.

Get the tutorial from Color Made Happy.

becki clarkeBecki Clarke


Botanical Pumpkins

Yes, these are technically doodles, but they’re like, classy doodles. Plus, the black-and-white vibes make this a great design option for all of you minimalists.

Get the tutorial from Becki Clarke

caramel appleAww Sam


Caramel Apple Pumpkin

Your autumn just isn’t autumn-ing correctly without an apple orchard visit. However—if you’re unable to fit that seasonal excursion into your busy schedule, please allow this adorable pumpkin concept to bring the orchard vibes home to you.

Get the tutorial from Aww Sam.

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cowCrafts A La Mode


Farm Animal Pumpkin

Farmhouse chic is the wave, and it’s time that your holiday decor adheres to this. TBH, any excuse to whip out the construction paper for an adult art project is good in my book, but the opportunity to have mini cows and pigs decorating your entryway is too cute to pass up.

Get the tutorial from Crafts a la Mode

100 Easy Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations


rainbows and cloudsLydi Out Loud


Rainbows and Clouds

It’s a pumpkin dreamscape! This idyllic design is such a mood-booster, plus it’ll likely be a stark contrast to all of the dark and brooding decor that usually marks Halloween szn. Dare to be different!

Get the tutorial from Lydi Out Loud.

southern crush at homeSouthern Crush At Home


Barbie Pink Pumpkin

It’s like, an undeniable given that the streets will be riddled with Barbie costumes this year. So how about letting your decor lean into the craze?

Get the tutorial from Southern Crush At Home.

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mom sparkMom Spark


Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Maybe you want to heal your inner child by playing around with crayons. Maybe the idea of a bright, abstract design just speaks to you. Either way, this concept is both cool to look at and satisfying to create.

Get the tutorial from Mom Spark.


Disco Pumpkins

discoIt’s Me, ChristyB

Let’s bring the party to your porch. This concept is a definite statement-maker, plus, the compliments this piece will inspire. Priceless.

Get the tutorial from It’s Me, Christy B.

100 Easy Pumpkin Painted Ideas for Halloween and Fall Decorations

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