How to delete your Instagram account

How to delete your Instagram account? How To Delete an Instagram Account?

How To Delete Instagram?


If you want to delete your Instagram account, you probably won’t fall short of reasons. while you create the mandatory “goodbye Instagram” post with the latest background track, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to delete an Instagram account

Let’s start step by step.

 how can you Permanently Delete an Instagram Account?

how to delete an Instagram account Permanently [

first, go to

Account Center

Step 1: Click on More () and then Settings (


Step 2: Select Account Center, then tap on Personal Details.

Step 3: Tap on Account Ownership and Control. After that, select Deactivation or Deletion.
Step 4: Now select the account, click Delete Account, and Continue.

Note: If you’re not able to delete your account from the account center at this time, follow the next process.


Step 1: Open your Instagram app and click the profile icon.
Step 2: Next, tap the hamburger Menu and click Settings in the list.
Step 3: Select Account.
Step 4: Click Delete Account at the bottom.


Step 5: Instagram will notify you of the date after which you cannot retrieve your account. Now, click the Continue Deleting Account option.
Step 6: After that, you have to answer a question about why you want to delete your account and then re-enter your password.
Step 7: Now you can complete the process after tapping Delete (username) and Ok.


For some peculiar reason, you won’t be able to delete your Instagram account using the Android Instagram app. Don’t worry, though. If you’re an Android user, just open the browser on your phone and follow the steps mentioned below.

Desktop (PC)

Step 1: Go to the Instagram website via a desktop or mobile browser and log into your account using your credentials.

Step 2: Once logged in, visit the Delete your account page.

Step 3: Click on the drop-down from Why do you want to delete (username)? and choose a reason for deleting your account. Some options will give you an alternate answer that might help you make a choice, or you can select Something else if you don’t want to give a reason.

Step 4: Once chosen, re-enter your password and click Delete (username) to delete your account permanently.


I hope if you follow these tips your account going to be deleted permanently.

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