cristiano ronaldo Unbelievable free kick AT al nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo belts home a stunning free-kick & races off in celebration with his tongue stuck out as the Al-Nassr star proves he’s still got it  


Cristiano Ronaldo Delivers Masterclass with Breathtaking Free-Kick Goal

In a thrilling football match that left fans on the edge of their seats, Cristiano Ronaldo once again demonstrated his incredible prowess with a jaw-dropping free-kick goal in the 56th minute. The stadium erupted with cheers and applause as the living legend showcased his unparalleled skills in the beautiful game.

The match, pitting Ronaldo’s team against DAMAC, was already intense, with both sides battling fiercely for control of the field. The 56th minute, however, is when the football world was reminded of the sheer brilliance that Cristiano Ronaldo brings to the pitch.

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With the ball resting just outside the penalty area, the tension was palpable. Ronaldo stood poised, his piercing gaze fixed on the goal as if he knew that this was his moment to shine. The crowd held its collective breath, sensing something extraordinary was about to transpire.

As the referee blew the whistle to signal the free-kick, Ronaldo took a few steps back. The anticipation grew. The DAMAC wall was lined up, trying to anticipate the direction of his strike, but Ronaldo’s technique is virtually unparalleled. He took his trademark run-up, a few swift steps, and then unleashed a powerful, swerving shot.

The ball soared through the air with grace and precision, defying gravity, and leaving the goalkeeper absolutely helpless. It was a masterclass in the art of taking free kicks, a moment of footballing magic that will be replayed in highlight reels for years to come.

The crowd erupted into thunderous applause as the ball nestled beautifully into the top corner of the net. Ronaldo’s celebration was a mixture of pure joy and appreciation for the sport he loves so dearly. He ran towards the fans, arms outstretched, as the stadium roared in unison.

The goal not only gave Ronaldo’s team the lead, but it also encapsulated the essence of his footballing genius. The precision, the power, and the ability to remain calm under pressure – all of these qualities were on display in that breathtaking moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brilliant free-kick for Al-Nassr against Damac on Saturday.

  • Powered effort into the top corner
  • Raced off in celebration
  • Has been in electric form


      With the scores level at 1-1, Ronaldo stepped up to take a free-kick roughly 30 yards from goal. The Portugal superstar had stood aside to let Anderson Talisca equalize from a set piece of his own earlier in the second half, then slammed one into the top corner himself to show that, even at 38, he’s still got it.


AFC Champions League

Match Preview

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    Ronaldo has been in electric form for Nassr thus far this season and his latest strike takes his tally to 12 goals scored in 12 games in all competitions.



    Ronaldo has only failed to score in two league games this season; they are also the two league games he has played in that Nassr has failed to win in 2023/24.

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    Al-Nassr is next in action on Tuesday in the AFC Champions League against Al-Duhail.

In the end, the match concluded with Ronaldo’s team securing a hard-fought victory. While football is a team sport, it’s moments like these that remind us why Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as one of the greatest players to ever grace the pitch. His free-kick goal in the 56th minute will be etched into the annals of football history, a testament to the unrivaled skill and passion he brings to the game.

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