Apu Biswas 4mint New Vedio and early life

Apu Biswas 4mint New Vedio and early life

Watch Now Opu Biswas is a Bangladeshi film actress and model.

Apu Biswas 4mint New Vedio and early life

Apu Biswas 4mint New Vedio and early life She has been active in the Bangladeshi entertainment industry and has appeared in numerous films. Keep in mind that my information might be outdated, and there could have been developments or changes since then. I recommend checking more recent sources for the latest information on Opu Biswas.

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Who Is Apu Biswas: 

Apu Biswas, born Abonti Biswas in Bogra, Bangladesh on October 11, 1989, is a well-known Bangladeshi cinema actress and model. She rose to prominence in the entertainment sector after making her cinematic debut in “Kal Shokale” in 2006. Apu Biswas is particularly well-known for her work with Bangladeshi actor Shakib Khan, with whom she co-starred in numerous films. | 

Apu Biswas was born to Upendronath Bishwas (d. 2014) and Shefali Bishwas (d. 2020). She is the youngest of three daughters and one son in the family. Her birth name is Abonti Biswas.

How Is Apu Biswas Career Gone :

Apu Biswas made her film debut in “Kal Shokale” in 2006, followed by her appearance in “Koti Takar Kabin.” She portrayed Parvati in the Bangladeshi adaptation of “Devdas” in 2013 and starred in the 2013 film “My Name Is Khan.”

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What is going on in Apu Biswas’ personal life:

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Apu Biswas married actor Shakib Khan on April 18, 2008, and the pair had a son named Abraham Khan Joy, born on September 27, 2016. Initially keeping their marriage a secret, Apu announced it on air on April 10, 2017, alongside her kid. However, the marriage had difficulties, and Khan filed for divorce on November 22, 2017. The divorce was finally formalized on February 22, 2018. After her marriage, Apu turned to Islam and briefly took the name Apu Islam Khan. She converted to Hinduism after her divorce.

The End Apu Biswas 4mint New Vedio and Early Life

Despite personal hardships, Apu Biswas continues to work in the entertainment world as an actor and model.

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